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10 ways to leverage Reviews & Customer Feedback in your e-commerce store?

10 ways to leverage Reviews & Customer Feedback in your e-commerce store?

Reviews & Customer Feedback are key to driving sales and brand loyalty, but they are also important in helping brands and retailers to make smarter decisions.

Find out 10 ways to leverage Reviews & Customer Feedback in your e-commerce store to accelerate growth:

1. Optimize product catalogue

Use shopper feedback to improve your existing products and services. Your shoppers are telling you what they want and how they want it, so listen to them to find out how you can make improvements or additions to your offerings to ensure you’re solving a real pain and creating real value for them.

2. Identify bottlenecks

Did a shopper dislike a particular product? Do they have a comment about it? Is there something they’ve suggested you could do differently during their experience? Getting negative feedback can be disappointing as a business owner. However, these kinds of comments are the most useful to build better experiences and continuously improve.

3. Improve retention

Since it costs six to seven times more to obtain a new customer than to retain an existing one, you can use feedback to increase customer lifetime. When customers become frustrated with your product or service, or suspect the competition can serve them better, they might stop doing business with you. Monitoring and using feedback ensures you can adjust the shopping experience to keep customers happy and take preventive actions to avoid them to leave.

4. Increase customer satisfaction

Keep track of customer satisfaction levels to make sure your offer of products and services are fulfilling shoppers expectations. When customers are happy with the shopping experience and their purchases, they keep coming back, and they are more likely to refer others to you. In increasingly competitive markets, one of the only ways to differentiate yourself from your competition is to offer the best customer experience.

5. Improve customer experience

Make informed business decisions. If feedback shows shoppers are frustrated with email response times, improve them. If feedback shows customers want another channel of communication – open one. Your customers can make or break your business, so do your best to give them what they want throughout the shopping experience.

6. Be Lean

Feedback allows you to trust the direction you’re going in. Instead of guessing on what you think or hope your shoppers want, you’ll actually be giving them exactly what they’ve asked for – and you can confidently move your business forward in the right direction making the most efficient spend of resources and time.

7. Predict the future

Use customer feedback to stay ahead of your competitors. Shoppers needs and expectations are quickly changing and adapting, by getting authentic feedback you can quickly identify upcoming opportunities and weaknesses and discover as early as possible (even before your competitors) the most efficient ways to address any obstacle to growth and approach new upcoming business opportunities.

8. Improve the buyer journey

The buyer journey has changed and customers are actively seeking out customer reviews and other types of user-generated content to better inform their purchase decisions. They want to look out for each other and share their experiences so that others can learn from it and make good decisions. By displaying Reviews you can improve the customer experience and help shoppers to make better purchasing decisions.

9. Enhance trust & social proof

Reviews are trust marks, proof and shows that others have had the good experience your potential customers wish to have with your business. Knowing the opinions and experiences of others takes away the fear and uncertainty of taking the leap to do business with your company. When customers feel confident and have a great experience, they often feel good about sharing it with others. This is when you have some power, too. Customers have the power to influence other potential customers.

10. Increase conversions and sales

While shoppers consider product page details to choose their next product, reviews still remain one of the most important source of information for shoppers. By displaying authentic reviews on specific key points throughout the buyer journey increase CTR and also you can make easier for shoppers to make purchasing decisions, to find products faster and to inspire them to buy more.

With our easy eCommerce integrations, your customers will automatically receive a review invitation after every order to create a consistent stream of authentic feedback – helping to accelerate business growth and to make the best business decisions.

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