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Create a Custom Satisfaction Survey

Create a Custom Satisfaction Survey

Would you like to know what your customers really think about your business?

Get more detailed and helpful Reviews & Customer Feedback by asking key information that is relevant for your shoppers (quantitative and qualitative) to improve the overall quality of your reviews.


customer feedback survey


Create a Custom Survey using multiple Customer Satisfaction questions to find out how well you’re meeting or exceeding customer expectations on key aspects of your business. You can have it up and running in less than 5 minutes and share it anywhere you want.

You can use different types of questions to build a user-friendly satisfaction survey. Combine smiley-face options with alternative question types, such as free text or multiple choice tags – the choice is yours.


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1. Star Rating Questions


Measure customer satisfaction easily by allowing customers to rate characteristics of products or services, such as fit, ease of use, quality or any characteristic you want.

2. Free-text questions


Improve the overall quality of your reviews by asking open-ended questions to receive detailed free-text answers from your shoppers shopping experience.

trustfeed reviews survey

3. Multiple Choice Tags


Make easier for customers to leave more feedback by allowing them to quickly select keywords that can help to better describe their experience.

trustfeed reviews survey

4. Last Survey Card


You can fully brand and customize the last message of your survey with our user-friendly html editor to tailor a special message or reward to those customers that took the time on completing the survey.

trustfeed reviews survey


If you have more time and want to add more questions or further customize your survey, those options are all available on the site.


survey builder


Tip for Survey Personalization:


You can use the symbol # to personalize your survey.

If you are planning to use a survey to be sent after each purchase to collect product reviews. The # symbol will be substituted by the product name.

If you are using a survey link to collect business reviews. The # symbol will be substituted by your business name. Make sure you add your marketplace name in the Customize Tab in the TrustFeed Dashboard.



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