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Customize Email Review & Feedback Requests

Customize Email Review & Feedback Requests

Approaching customers for feedback the right way makes all the difference.

Increase response rates and collect more feedback by sending to customers personalized & fully customized automatic Email Feedback Requests after each purchase. You can change the look, add your logo, personalize the content, and utilize the fullest extent of your branding.

Review Request


Email Review/Feedback settings

From the TrustFeed dashboard, you can customize the following fields:

From email field:

Sender email address that people will see when an email invitation arrives in their inbox.

From name field:

Sender name that people will see when an email invitation arrives in their inbox.

To field:

Each person gets a unique email invitation and can only see their own email address in the To field.

CC field:

Send a CC on each automatic email review/feedback request to any address.

Reply to field:

Any replies to your email invitation are sent to this email address.

Email subject field:

Subject that people will see when an email invitation arrives in their inbox.

HTML editor field:

Template Editor lets you fully customize the HTML and personalize the email content to meet any brand or business need.


Use multiple short-codes to inject variables in your Email in order to personalize each email feedback/review request. Shortcodes are dynamic parameters for engagement and use data from your store to turn each review request into a personalized email instead than sending out a generic email to all customers.

These are the shortcodes you can use:

  • __logo – Inject your logo URL
  • __customerName – Inject customer name
  • __marketplaceName – Inject your marketplace name
  • __reviewLink – Inject the survey link using the standard web interface
  • __reviewChatLink – Inject the survey link using the alternative chat interface.

Customize Email Review & Feedback Requests


Test Email review/feedback request Settings


Make sure your automatic review/feedback requests are align with your vision by sending a test to your email account to ensure optimal compatibility across devices and email clients.



Delay Email review/feedback request


By default, Automatic Review/Feedback Request emails are sent straight after an order is fulfilled/completed, nevertheless, you have the flexibility to adjust delivery timing by number of days. This ensures that customers receive the review request after they have been allowed enough time to formulate an opinion of the products, service and overall experience.

To define when to send emails:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Enter the number of days in the Email Delay Days.

You can start customizing your Email Feedback Requests from your TrustFeed Account.

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