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Demystifying an Innovative Marketing Strategy, Remarketing

Demystifying an Innovative Marketing Strategy, Remarketing

What is remarketing? How does it work? Is it vital for the success of my business? These are some of the questions that you have probably asked yourself. However, it’s important to understand before what this marketing jargon means.

Remarketing entails the deliberate targeting of customers who have viewed your website before or have expressed interest in the services or products you offer. Even when they leave your website, people will be viewing your ads on various online platforms. By employing remarketing as one of the strategies, you open gateways to both existing and potential customers. Curiosity sure did kill the cat. However, curious customers can be ‘lured’ to your website and when they do be sure of making more sales!

Time and patience are instrumental in business (You know this already). The same is true for the successful implementation and outcomes of remarketing. It’s not a jab that will automatically increase sales but with time, you will bear its fruits.


Now that you know what it is, how does it work?


To use it, you shall place a remarketing tag on your business’ website. If you deem it necessary, you can place the tag on every page of the site. However, it is recommended that you focus on the main products that you offer.

When a person leaves your website, cookies are left on their browser. If they don’t purchase anything on your website, they will trigger targeted ads from your website. The ads will then be displayed, as mentioned before, on other websites via the Google Display Network.

How you want the ads triggered is customizable. You can also customize the remarketing tags on your website. Through the customizations, you have greater control over the people you want to be targeted and how they will be targeted.



Why should you consider remarketing for your business?


Remarketing is definitely a strategy that you comes with multiple benefits:

  • More customers: Through remarketing you stand a greater chance of converting a casual visitor to become a paying customer.
  • Cost effective: Since you aren’t involved in rigorous marketing campaigns, remarketing offers a cheaper alternative for businesses. It is more expensive to convert a new customer than someone who already showed interest in your products or services. Moreover, you are focused on marketing your products to identified customers and not masses.
  • Unlimited brand awareness: As targeted individuals spend their time online, they will face the full wrath of your business’ online presence. Consequently, the business gains visibility and trust is built into your brand.
  • Increase conversion rates: Most people who visit your website, for the first time, don’t buy your products immediately. Nevertheless, through remarketing, you can engage and maintain them in your marketing funnel.

Types of remarketing


If you have thought of using remarketing in your business, there are various ways you can do it.

1. Email Remarketing


Through email remarketing, you target individuals who are on your email list. For those that open your emails, you can design ad campaigns specifically for them. As these people display interest in your brand, email remarketing ensures you remain at the top of their minds. Furthermore, since you know what products or services that they prefer, you can always bring them back to your website. This simply means more sales for the business!


2. Ad Displays


Marketing is all about enticing customers to our business. Ad displays are nowadays the machines that do these for businesses. The ads are, as you are aware, targeted towards persons that have visited your website before. The ads appear on two major platforms:

  • Through Google Ads, your remarketing ads will be visible all over the Google display network.
  • Social media platforms such as Facebook offer a crucial pathway in which you can display your ads to your targeted customers.


3. List Search Ads


Apart from displaying ads on websites, you can display them on the search engines! With this kind of remarketing, you are able to target those that just popped in on your website and are searching for particular terms online. Using this criterion, you can identify, with high precision, potential customers interested in your enterprise.


4. Video remarketing


You can display your ads to people on YouTube.


Remarketing is an useful tool that you can utilize in your business. Through it, you can determine individuals who can be churned in your marketing funnel with much ease. Best of luck as you implement this strategy on your online store!

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