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Do reviews really matter?

Do reviews really matter?

Do Reviews Really Matter?

Do you recall when you wanted to visit the new restaurant near your home? Chances are, you checked out a few recommendations from friends or probably some reviews from internet. You then went a step further to ensure the place is legit! TripAdvisor came through and you got numerous reviews of the place. Assuming you had no feedback from both situations, would your decision be different now?

Customer reviews are regarded as an essential component for the success of any business.  90% of shoppers read online reviews before going to the physical location of the business! (Surprising, right?) The more the stars on a product or a service, the more the number of people who will purchase the product or service.

Let’s delve further into how reviews can help to grow your online shop


1. Boost conversions and sales


It is obvious that the more positive reviews you have from customers, there will be a subsequent rise in your sales and revenue. However, the reverse can be 100% true! Considering that we live in a free world, consumers can be brutally honest with their personal experiences with a product or service. From a recent survey, 86% of the people hesitated to purchase a product from a business that has negative online reviews. Conversely, 72% agreed that positive reviews make them trust an enterprise when buying online.

2. Understand customer needs


Many customers are not able to come back to the store’s location and give you their feedback on a particular product. Most of them will prefer reviewing the product online. Through them, then you will obtain information on whether they enjoyed the product or if it was a bad experience. From such info, a business entity can know where to make modifications to improve customer experience. Moreover, the reviews give you a platform for engaging the customers directly.

3. Improve your website rankings


Not only do people realize the numerous reviews you have of your website but also search engines! As a result, your ranking in your preferred search engine will rise. We all want that Google ranking top spot; since our business website will have more visibility and, therefore, generate more traffic.

4. Turn happy customers into your best marketing tool


This will definitely cost you nothing. A few positive reviews are sure to be worth a great deal that no simple marketing strategy will. They are like personal recommendations to potential customers. The reviews are like a constant marketing bot that do all the work for you. Consequently, your brand will grow faster than you had anticipated.


5. Reviews will attract more reviews


If a product or service has been reviewed, it encourages other new customers to leave a comment about the product. You can say it is the new form of the online bandwagon.

6. They give customers a voice and create customer loyalty


By a consumer taking their time to give a review of a product, they are likely to develop a certain kind of loyalty to your business. If they positively reviewed, then you can be sure they will keep coming back for more. By the simple act of giving a review, the consumers feel they have a part to play in the business as their concerns are being heard.

If it so happens that you get negative reviews, do not fret! It is part of the business cycle and there are ways to rectify that. One of the recommended ways is to accept mistakes if you are on the wrong as a business. On the other hand, you can restitute the affected customer.

Evidently, the importance of reviews in a business can’t be understated but only overstated. They are the key to your business thriving in a customer-centric world.

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