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How to accelerate growth on your eCommerce store with Reviews & Customer Feedback?

How to accelerate growth on your eCommerce store with Reviews & Customer Feedback?

Happy shoppers are key to accelerate growth. They keep coming back, they cost much less than acquiring a new customer and they are more likely to refer others to you.

Delivering awesome products and experiences seems to be the most efficient way to keep your shoppers happy and to make sure they are coming back to your store.


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When building the best experience, each product in your store matters and also every interaction with your shoppers.

If you care about making your shoppers happy, you’ll need to keep track of how each product in your store performs and to offer an outstanding experience on each interaction along the buyer journey.

Analyzing the right data can give you the answers you’re looking for. Not just your MRR, “New In Store” items or just your bestsellers, but really discover what your customers truly love and maybe even most important, what they don’t.


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For continued success, you should be willing to change and adapt. Part of that lies in harnessing the power of customer feedback.

When customers are not happy or a product is not performing well, it’s important to quickly diagnose what is the root problem is and what are the most efficient ways to fix it.

The best way to find out bottlenecks and growth barriers is to ask to customers about their experiences.


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Reviews & Customer Feedback are key to driving sales and brand loyalty, but they are also important in helping brands and retailers to make smarter decisions.

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