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How to measure customer satisfaction?

How to measure customer satisfaction?

Customer Satisfaction
Exactly How Do You Measure It?


It is certain that you have thought about retaining and acquiring more customers for your business. With the aim to retain your already existing customers, you have had the nudge within you to know how satisfied they are.

But how can you put a number to the level of satisfaction they have had with your products or services? Well, you are on the right read!

The emphasis on customer satisfaction CANNOT and should NOT be disregarded in whichever business. For in it lies the foundation of business success. Happy customer, happy you! However, if your customers are displeased by your services and products and ‘somehow’ you fail to rectify that, doom is all that will be lurking around your business. Relax, I’m not trying to spook you; it is just an absolute truth.

Why So Much Stress on Customer Satisfaction?


One main reason that stands out is; you will be able to maintain your sanity in a fast-paced world. By listening to your customers and quickly addressing their issues, you will avert the prospect of managing bad reviews which consequently will lead to losing customers. I can assure you this, bad business is bad for your mental health.

On the other, by ensuring your customers are satisfied, they will continue to purchase products and services from your store. Subsequently, your sales and revenue will increase. Moreover, you should aim at keeping your original customers satisfied. By doing that you are assured of the long-term success of your enterprise. It is important to bear in mind that it is harder to get a new customer than keeping the ones you have happy.

Nowadays, referrals are playing a pivotal role in acquiring new customers. Therefore, if your current customers are satisfied, then in most cases they will share their experience with others. At the end of the day, you will gain more customers from keeping just one customer happy.

So how will I Measure Satisfaction?


On to the main thing now! Hubspot recommends you use the OCCAM methodology. The term OCCAM is an acronym that outlines key customer satisfaction measurement techniques. Check out some important steps to measure customer satisfaction:


1. Outline the goals and plans


It is crucial that you highlight the reasons for why you want to determine the satisfaction levels of your customers.

2. Create Customer Survey


Reviews and customer surveys are a popular way of collecting data on customer satisfaction. It is easy and convenient for both you and the customer.

There are different variations you can use:

  • In-App Surveys: They are subtle but very effective in getting you the feedback that you need. They are integrated into your website. Through these surveys, the customer gives their opinion on their engagement with your company.
  • Post service Surveys: They focus on gaining feedback from a particular service the customer has received. The survey is normally conducted through an email support which has a rating link. Besides that, it could also be through a live chat which has a rating view at the end of the chat. It is also conducted on a face- to- face basis. You can approach a customer after giving them a service and directly ask them for their feedback.
  • Email Surveys: Despite low response rates from customers, email surveys are crucial for obtaining deep insights into why a customer is either happy or unhappy.
  • Customer Satisfaction Score: This is the most standard method of getting feedback on customers’ satisfaction. Through it, the customers rate their satisfaction on a given scale. For instance, you could ask them how they enjoyed the food at your restaurant from a scale of 1- 5. The beauty of this method is how direct it is.
  • Net Promoter Score: It measures the likelihood of your customer referring you to another person. It is mostly used when you want to measure customer loyalty to your brand.

3. Determine the time


After selecting which survey you will dispense to your customers, you should then determine what time you will give it to them. Is it after the purchase? After delivery? A week later?

4. Analyze the data


After collecting data from the survey, you should analyze it to extract information. From the data, you can find out that most people are satisfied with your products. On the other hand, you could learn that not everyone is happy with your enterprise. From such information, you can decide to change your business model or improve your service delivery.

5. Make adjustments


As mentioned above, if you get some negative feedback, you should unclog the bottlenecks. The adjustments will ensure you give customers value for their money.


Besides the OCCAM methodology, you can also measure customer satisfaction through social media monitoring. Social media is a crucial agent in identifying customer satisfaction in these modern times. Back in the days before social media, people could only share bad reviews with those in their close social circles. However, now you can share either positive or negative feedback with not only millions but billions of people around the globe. Are you ready to measure customer’s satisfaction?

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