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I Just Got a Bad Review! What should I Do?

I Just Got a Bad Review! What should I Do?

I Just Got a Bad Review! What should I Do?

As a business owner, I know you dread the thought of having a bad review. Yikes! It really is! You have probably overthought about that one bad review you got. Don’t be scared. Relax. There’s a way to turn that round. Bad things do happen but it’s how you to respond to them that matters!

Whenever you get a bad review, you are simply being given a chance to rectify a problem. It also provides a platform on which you can engage other customers. These are just but the tip of an iceberg of positives you can draw from the ‘dreaded’ bad reviews.


To maintain the positivity, you can do the following:

1. Determine if the cause of the bad review is genuine


Some bad reviews may be propelled with the intent of malice. They may explode the comments section with a lot of negative statements. In such a scenario, if the claims being made are false, then there’s little that you can do. You may, however, seek legal ways to solve the issue. If you are the one in the wrongdoing, then admit the mistake (avoid excuses). Alternatively, if it’s truly factual, fix the issue!



2. Apologize to the customer


If it happens that a customer’s bad review is as a result of a misgiving from your business, then you’ll have to apologize to them. We all error and we have to accept that we’ll always have this flaw. Mistakes are a given in any endeavors we undertake.

Do not retaliate against the customer. Instead, approach them and ask the cause of their bad review. If the cause is genuine and not intended for malice then accept the mistake and apologize. Assure them that such an incidence won’t recur. This gives your business a sense of humility which is a virtue most people identify with. It also goes further to give the business a human face not just a money- producing entity.

As you apologize, seek to address the customer directly and privately. You can do this through a phone call, private message or an email. They offer a quick way of solving the issue.


3. Respond to the bad review ASAP


The internet never goes to sleep! People will always expect you to respond to such reviews quickly! And that you must do to ensure your brand isn’t adversely affected by it. Moreover, it gives you and the customer to solve the issue before it escalates to the hallways of the public domain.

If you don’t respond promptly to emotionally charged reviews, the customers end up feeling ignored. This is bad for business!


4. Ensure decorum as you engage the customer.


In as much as the bad review can be a sting to your business, DO NOT take it personally. Keep emotions from flaring up. Approach the customer with not only professionalism but also uttermost respect. Refrain from making excuses.



5. Fix the problem


As mentioned above, if the cause of the bad review is legitimate, then you should address the problem. You need to put actions behind your words. By solving the issue, you gain the customers’ trust as they can see your business is transparent. By resolving mistakes, customers feel like they are being heard.



6. Follow up and ask for Removal


Upon fixing the problem, you can reach out to the customer to change the bad review. Normally they remove the bad review by their own volition. Your engagement with the customer at this stage is a good moment way of following up on them. This gives them a sense of being cared for and ultimately leads to the changing of the bad review.

To summarize, let’s quickly outline what we’ve discussed;

  • Always thank the reviewer for giving their comment despite how negative it may be.
  • Never lash out on the customer. Maintain a cool head.
  • Apply the soft skills you’d use in a face ‘altercation’.
  • Don’t respond to the customer when you are angry.
  • Address legitimate concerns.

As you have seen, negative reviews don’t necessarily spell doom on your business. You can harness energy from them and further propel your business. How quickly you handle the situation and how tactful you are in solving the issue, plays a key role in the success of your business.

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