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TrustFeed Incorporation

TrustFeed Incorporation

Things are about to change!


In the past weeks an important milestone has been achieved and we are happy to share such great news with our early bird community, customers, partners, mentors and everyone who has been supporting throughout our journey.

We haven’t reached this important milestone without you!

We are happy to announce that we are moving our base to London, UK and our Proprietary Technology will be officially under the ownership of TrustFeed LTD.

With this important milestone, we want to reinforce the commitment with our early bird community and customers:

We are official on a mission! To help online businesses to keep track of customers’ satisfaction and leverage Reviews & Customer Feedback across multiple marketing channels to accelerate growth, improve customer satisfaction and help them to make the best business decisions.


About TrustFeed


TrustFeed is a cloud-based solution that helps online business to automatically capture, distribute and manage Authentic Reviews & Customer Feedback across multiple marketing channels. With TrustFeed online business can get full control of how their leverage Reviews & Customer Feedback to boost consumer trust, increase customer lifetime value, turn loyal customers into brand advocates and accelerate business growth.

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