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Reviews & Customer Feedback Software | TrustFeed Overview

Reviews & Customer Feedback Software | TrustFeed Overview

Offer your customers an outstanding Review & Feedback experience with TrustFeed.

TrustFeed is a platform to easily capture, manage & leverage reviews and customer feedback across multiple marketing channels. It enables companies to get full control over their reviews and customer feedback.

TrustFeed helps online businesses to automatically capture, manage and leverage Authentic Reviews & Customer Feedback across multiple marketing channels to improve their business by keeping track of customers satisfaction so that they can easily boost consumer trust, increase customer lifetime value, turn loyal customers into brand advocates and accelerate business growth.

TrustFeed supports a variety of common business types, including:


  • Physical goods
  • Services
  • Digital goods


How does it work?


Connect Your Apps and Automate the way you leverage Authentic Reviews & Customer Feedback to accelerate business growth.

  1. Create your account in seconds.
  2. Connect with your online shop and favorite apps.
  3. Customize your satisfaction survey
  4. Personalize feedback requests.
  5. Automatically Collect Reviews and Customer Feedback.
  6. Get actionable insights based on customer reviews.
  7. Distribute your best Reviews & Feedback across marketing channels and apps.


One platform to deliver a Review & Feedback experience that your customers will love:


  • Set up quickly: Enabling Reviews & Customer Feedback on your platform is easy. Your customers can review and discuss their experience simple and user-friendly.
  • Design your experience: Customize the  Review flow at the transaction level. You can customize the Review Flow and questionnaire with a few clicks. If you need more flexibility you can integrate your custom user interfaces against our TrustFeed API.
  • Collect customer feedback at scale: Our products are designed to help navigate the complexities of regional nuances and scale with the amount of your users.


With TrustFeed:


  • You get a modern and integrated Review & Customer Feedback solution that is created and optimized by customer survey experts.
  • We help you to gather authentic, high quality and transparent feedback from your users with a more clear and transparent user-experience.
  • You stay aligned around metrics that matter to keep track of customers satisfaction.


Core features:


Reviews Reliability :


  • Event/Transaction based – only online stores can submit new events/transactions.
  • Only customers who had a new event/transaction can submit verified reviews.


Reviews Requests & Notifications:


  • Customers receive an email request after each purchase (eMAP)
  • Admins fully customize emails after purchase (eMAP)


Review Flow Customization:


  • Admins can add different type of questions to the survey: Star ratings, intuitive tags question, open-text questions.
  • Admins can customize the Review Widget (look and feel of the survey form).


Showcase & Distribute Reviews (Beta)


  • Showcase Reviews widget in Product Page.
  • Showcase Ratings & Reviews in the Shop/Catalogue Page.


TrustFeed Dashboard:


  • Admins can access the dashboard and get a global view of all Reviews & Customer Feedback.

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