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Offer your customers the best survey experience

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Multichannel & Predictive Survey Experience

Listen to customers anytime, anywhere

Email After Purchase

Send automated Email Feedback & Review Requests directly to customers.
Generate links to share your survey across any marketing channel.
Generate QR codes to collect Feedback in any offline touch-point.

Intuitive, simple and user friendly tools to

Capture More Authentic Customer Feedback.

Conversational & User Friendly

Intelligent, user-friendly and conversational UI that mimic human behavior to increase response rates.

Branding & Personalization

Customize and personalize surveys to match your brand, by adding a logo or background, or choosing an appropriate design and colour scheme.

Intelligent & Automated

An smart, Intuitive and predictive solution to collect information that matters in the most relevant moment to increase response rates.

Easy Integration

Connect to your favorite apps, automate collecting customer feedback or adapt TrustFeed to any flow or business model.

Multiple Questions to get more detailed Customer Feedback

Ask what matters to your business & customers

Smiley Star Rating

Ask Customer Satisfaction questions on specific aspects to find out how well you’re meeting or exceeding customer expectations today.

Free-text questions

Improve the overall quality of your reviews by asking open-ended questions to receive detailed free-text answers from your customers experience.

Multiple Choice Tags

Make easier and faster for customers to leave more feedback with tag keywords that help to better describe their experience.

Last Survey Message

Customize the last page of the survey to encourage happy customers to engage, detractors to contact support or easily add rewards at the end of the survey.