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TrustFeed & WooCommerce Integration

TrustFeed & WooCommerce Integration

TrustFeed integration with WooCommerce is released to production! You can automatically start collecting Reviews and Customer Feedback from all your orders in your WooCommerce store!


How does TrustFeed work?


You can subscribe order events to your WooCommerce store by creating a web hook that will notify TrustFeed about new orders.

  1. Create your account in seconds.
  2. Connect with your WoCommerce store
  3. Customize the questions you would like to ask from TrustFeed Dashboard.
  4. Personalize Feedback and Reviews Requests (Email after purchase).
  5. Collect at scale Reviews and Customer Feedback automatically.
  6. Get actionable insights based on customer reviews.


How to get started with
TrustFeed & WooCommerce?


Server Recommendations


1.- Check minimum requirements:

The first step in starting up with TrustFeed reviews is setting up your online store by installing WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin itself. But before doing so, you should check your hosting environment. As a guide, we recommend:

WordPress 3.5.1 or greater
PHP version 5.2.0 or greater
WooCommerce 3.4.5 or greater

You should also check WordPress and WooCommerce requirements.

1.- Install & Activate plugin

  1. Go to your website
  2. Go to: Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Search Plugins
  3. Search for ‘TrustFeed Reviews’.
  4. Select Install Now when you see it’s by TrustFeed.
  5. Select Activate Plugin



2.- Activate API key

  1. Get API key from TrustFeed Dashboard > Settings> General Settings
  2. Copy API key
  3. Go to WordPress backend > TrustFeed tab > Settings
  4. Paste API key in TrustFeed Tab > Settings
  5. Click on save changes



2.- Verify key activation status


What are the next steps?


Your WooCommerce store is ready to collect reviews & feedback automatically.

Now you can:

1.- Send automatic Review Requests (Email After purchase)


After each transaction is marked as completed, TrustFeed will send automated, customized & personalized Review & Feedback Email Requests to customers with a link to your survey.


Review Request


Recommendation –  Order Status to “Completed”  – We recommend changing the default order status from ‘Pending Payment’ to ‘Completed’. Orders in this status will be considered as ready to be sent to TrustFeed and trigger the automatic Mails After Purchase.

2.- Capture more authentic, useful and high quality reviews and customer feedback from your orders.


You can use different types of questions to get more detailed and helpful reviews & customer feedback with key information that is relevant for your business. You can create customized Survey Forms & Review Requests from the TrustFeed dashboard.


customer feedback survey


3.- Get data-driven insights to accelerate growth and make the best business decisions.


Moreover, you can analyze and get insights from your Reviews & Customer Feedback in the TrustFeed dashboard to keep track of customers satisfaction and make the best business decisions.


4.- Showcase Reviews & Customer Feedback on key conversion points.


If you like you can enrich your website  by displaying authentic Reviews & Customer in key conversion points of your website like product and category pages.


 Stay tuned! More features coming…


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